Halflings or Smallfolk, are generally a few feet shorter and much less broad than your typical dwarf. Halflings control no real land of their own being a historically nomadic people. Most halflings travel in expansive caravans going from one city to another performing shows for people in between, they are excellent story tellers, actors, musicians and acrobats leading for many to anticipate the arrival of such a group every year. Some of these caravans have been known to be thieves who steal from those who are hosting them, leading to a bad reputation for the race as a whole. Those caravans who do not participate in these actives decry the actions of the others, who they claim values wealth over the arts. While Halfings are best known for being nomadic many have begun settling down in cities or even smaller towns due to the dangers the roads provide these days. It is fairly common these days to see a merry little community in a myriad of cities where these smallfolk dwell. 

Haflings are generally not as religious as dwarves, but those who feel so inclined tend to worship Lady Sharra, a trickster god, who is a regular among their stories. 

Two types of Halflings exist, Stoutfellow and Lightfoots. The Lightfoots are by far the most common, and have a more distinct culture, Stoutfellows primarily lived alongside Dwarves, and are few in number, though are more similar than different from the Lightfoots. Most non Halflings would have trouble telling the two apart. 


Minstrels of Sharra: A organization formed by halflings to protect the arts and the common folk. They greatly assisted Mozniir in ending slavery, and are close allies with the Chainbreakers. Halflings aren't alone in the organization which includes members of all races. 




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